Media Buying Services

Media Matched is Albuquerque’s leading media buying agency, specializing in media research, planning, buying and advertising. As a full service media company, we collaborate with you to deliver effective advertising that reaches your target audience. We offer a tailored, cost-effective approach to media buying. Whether it’s TV, radio, print or outdoor, we find the best medium to reach your audience.

Media Matched has more than 25 years of experience providing media buying services. Our clients include healthcare providers, municipalities, universities, governments, small, medium and large businesses, home builders, restaurants and more. Our advertising services reach across all channels to create effective, memorable campaigns.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the purchase of advertising space on television, broadcast, print and online media. Before we engage in any media buying, our media planners determine your needs, your audience and where your advertisement should appear to best reach them. Next, our media buyers speak to the companies that own advertising space and negotiate the best rate. One of the things we do best at Media Matched is merging traditional media forms with digital media to reach your audience across all channels. We offer media buying services in the following areas:

    • Traditional Advertising—TV/Cable, Broadcast, Radio, Print, Outdoor
    • Online Media Buying— Mobile, Email, Social Marketing, Video Production

Even if you’re new to media buying, Media Matched will make the process simple and straightforward. You will reach the right audience while paying a competitive rate, earning the best return on your advertising investment.

Media Buyers—Why Choose Media Matched?

Why choose Media Matched? We are the leading experts in the media buying market. Our industry knowledge ensures that we know which media owners are the best match for your goals. With so many years as media buyers, we have honed our negotiation skills to deliver the best possible price.

    • Media Matched has the ability to advertise your message across all channels, especially those that reach your target audience.
    • Our media buyers strike the balance of cost-effective ad placements and placements that truly reach your target market.
    • Combined with our video production services, we can handle every part of your advertising campaign, whether you need us to produce a television commercial, training video or public service announcement.

Media Matched provides clear, concise media strategies with specific goals. With the rapidly changing landscape of advertising and marketing, we provide solutions that include online, offline, television, social and Internet marketing to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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